Research Documents by Year – 1998

Title Year
Progress Toward Lessening the Sting of the Fire Ant 1998
Report of the Peer Review Committee of the Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Plan 1998
Northern Bobwhite Chick Mortality Caused by Red Imported Fire Ants 1998
Accuracy of Red Imported Fire Ant (Hymenoptera:Formicidae) Mound Density Estimates 1998
Effect of Red Imported Fire Ants on Immunocompetence of Northern Bobwhite Chicks 1998
Red Imported Fire Ant Population Response to Burning and Disking Treatments Intended to Increase Habitat Quality for Northern Bobwhite 1998
Studies of the Relationships Between Red Imported Fire Ants and Habitat Management for Deer 1998
Elimination of Queens by Workers: A Mechanism of Regulation in Fire Ant Colonies 1998
Texas Agricultural Extension Service Programs 1998
Application of the Pyemotes Tox-34 Gene to the Control of the Red Imported Fire Ant 1998
Informing the Public and Decision Makers About the Progress and Impact of the Fire Ant Project 1998
Endocrine Regulations of Queen Reproduction in the Imported Fire Ant 1998
Characterization of Fire Ant G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) 1998
Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Plan 1998
Response of Fire Ant Antenna to Odorant and Pheromone Stimulation 1998
Protecting Electrical/Electronic Equipment from Red Imported Fire Ant Damage 1998
Economic Impacts of the Red Imported Fire Ant in Texas: The Search for Economically Feasible Solutions 1998
Large Insect Gene Library for Analysis of the Fire Ant Genome 1998
Reproductive development and ontogeny of queen pheromone production in the fire ant Solenopsis invictae 1998
Chemical and Management Strategies to Control Texas Livestock Losses Caused by Fire Ants 1998

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