Fact Sheets

ENTO-001 Texas Pest Ant Identification: An Illustrated Key to Common Pest Ants and Fire Ant Species
002 Welcome to Texas: Avoiding the Sting of Fire Ants
003 Living on the Edge: Managing Imported Fire Ants in West Texas
004 Diagnosing and Treating Animals for Red Imported Fire Ant Injury
005 Medical Problems and Treatment Considerations for the Red Imported Fire Ant
006 Flooding and Fire Ants: Protecting Yourself and Your Family
007 Survey-based Management of Red Imported Fire Ants
008 Potential Biological Control Agents for the Red Imported Fire Ant
009 Natural, Organic, and Alternative Methods for Imported Fire Ant Management
010 Red Imported Fire Ants May Find Some Landscape Design Elements Unattractive
011 How to Plan, Implement, and Evaluate a Spot-Eradication Program for Imported Fire Ants
012 Broadcasting Ant Bait Products in Rough Terrain or by People with Limited Mobility
013 Calculating Areas for Pesticide Treatment around the Home
014 Fire Ant Control Methods around Pets
015 Managing Fire Ants in Vegetable Gardens
016 Managing Fire Ants in Butterfly Gardens
017 Fire Ants and the Texas IPM in Schools Program
018 Fire Ant Management Options for Golf Courses
019 Managing Red Imported Fire Ants in Wildlife Areas
020 Managing Red Imported Fire Ants in Electrical Equipment and Utility Housings
021 Red Imported Fire Ant Management Considerations for Beekeepers
022 Red Imported Fire Ants: A Threat to Nursing Homes and Day Care Centers
023 Protecting Penned Animals from Fire Ants
024 Red Imported Fire Ant Control around Bodies of Water
025 Community-Wide Imported Fire Ant Management Kit
026 Considerations for the Development of Community-Wide Red Imported Fire Ant Management Programs
027 Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Project Covenant Not To Sue and Agreement to Hold Harmless
028 Collecting and Maintaining Colonies of Red Imported Fire Ants for Study
029 Imported Fire Ant Model
030 How to Select, Apply, and Develop Insecticides for Imported Fire Ant Control
031 Estimated Amounts of Insecticide Ingredients Used for Imported Fire Ant Control Using Various Treatment Approaches


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