Beauveria bassiana as a Biocontrol Agent Against the Red Imported Fire Ant 2000
Identification of Gene Targets and Delivery Systems for Fire Ant Control 2003-2004
Research on Applying Phorid Flies to the Biological Control of Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, in Texas 2003-2004
Economic Impacts of Red Imported Fire Ants That Involve the Community Wide Projects, Homeowners and Agriculture Sectors in Texas 2004
Development of Thelohania solenopsae as a Management Tool for Red Imported Fire Ant through Augmentation 2004
Non-Toxic Fire Ant Barriers Protecting Honey Bee Colonies 2004
Identification of Grasses to Repel or Significantly Reduce Red Imported Fire Ant Density in Pastures, Conservation Lands, Urban Lawns and Recreational Areas 2004
Survey, Quarantine and Regulatory Activities Project of the Texas Department of Agriculture 2004
Developing the Concept of Reproductive Control as a Method to Reduce the Imported Fire Ant Population 2004
Basic Biology of Pseudacteon phorid Flies and Development of Efficient Laboratory Production of Phorid Flies for Research on Fire Ant Biocontrol 2000
Microgeographical surveys of fire ants, native ants and phorid flies 2000
Pheromone Control of Reproduction in Fire Ant Colonies 2000
Protection of Quail Nests from Mammals to Increase Chick Recruitment in Habitat Occupied by the Red Imported Fire Ant 2000
Isolation, Identification and Synthesis of IFA Pheromones with Management Potential 2003- 2004
County Level Analysis of the Cost and Benefit of Implementing a RIFA Control Program to Agricultural Crop Producers and Electric Utilities in Texas 2000
Applied Imported Fire Ant Research Plan (Sep04 – Aug05) 2006-2007
Protecting Electrical/Electronic Equipment From Fire Ant Damage 2000
Use of Genetically Modified Bacteria to Deliver Compounds That Reduce Fire Ant Fitness 2006
Develop products that initiate wing muscle degeneration in alate virgin females leading to IFA management and also initial egg laying 2006
Development of Thelohania solenopsae as an Effective Biological Ccontrol Agent for the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta 2006
Fire Ant Extension Education Program 2006
Fire Ants: The Honeybee’s Friend and Foe 2006
Identification and Behavioral Testing of Fire Ant Pheromones Involved in Recognition 2006
Imported Fire Ant Survey and Regulatory Activities of the Texas Department of Agriculture 2006
Interaction of Broadcast Baits and Native Ants on the Control and Reinvasion of Fire Ants 2006
Introducing and Evaluating Species Complexes of Pseudacteon Phorids for Biocontrol of Imported Fire Ant 2006
Receptors of the Red Imported Fire Ant Controlling Reproduction and Ovian Development 2006-2007
Reducing Fire Ant Risks to Critical Healthcare Facilities in Texas Nursing Home Survey and Treatment Evaluation 2006
Applied Imported Fire Ant Research and Education Program 2006-2007
Studies of the Relationship Between Red Imported Fire Ants and Habitat Managed White Tail Deer 2000

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