Over ‘n Out®

Over 'n Out Fire Ant Killer Granules


  • Very long true residual control
  • Can be applied in any season


This product IS NOT a bait. However, it is commonly confused with baits because of its retail availability and speed of activity. It can be used as a complement to or in place of bait products when long residual activity is a primary goal of a control program.

Active Ingredient: 0.0103% fipronil

Similar Products: TopChoice

Application Rate, Broadcast: 10 lbs. per 10,000 square feet followed by irrigation. Do not use as an individual mound treatment

Speed of Control: relatively fast, 3 – 4 weeks

Duration of Control: very long true residual control, 8 – 12+ months; colonies migrating into treated areas will die off in 3 – 4 weeks, as if they had been treated; only one application per year is even allowed

Approximate Cost: $20 per 10,0000 square feet

Best used for: Very thorough, long-lasting control

Best season for application: Can be used at any time of year since it is not a bait.

Availability: Widely available in retail stores and garden centers

Toxicity: very low; do not apply where granules may be washed into water

Agricultural Uses: None

Mixing with other products: None labeled. Test results indicate that it can be mixed and immediately applied with label rate of Advion for very fast and long duration control.

General Comments: Over ‘n Out is a very effective, but expensive product relative to most baits. It provides true residual control for many months. No bait gives true residual control.

Manufacturer: GardenTech

Web site (including label and MSDS): http://gardentech.com/ono.asp


This site is intended to cover only broadcast-applied fire ant control products. Literally dozens of products are available as individual mound treatments. Contact your local Extension Agent or return to http://fireant.tamu.edu for more information on individual mound treatments.

Because of the constantly changing availability of fire ant insecticides, it is virtually impossible to include every product on the market. Mention of a product on this site does not imply an endorsement by Texas Cooperative Extension, the Southern Region IPM Center or any cooperating state. Lack of mention does not imply that the product is not an effective fire ant control product.

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