Extinguish® Plus



  • Speed of Amdro®, longer duration of control of an IGR product (Extinguish® Professional)
  • Inexpensive
  • Labeled for grass forage (pasture and rangeland)


  • Slower than Advion®
  • Requires low-volume spreader

Active Ingredient: 0.25% s-methoprene and 0.36% hydramethylnon (i.e. Extinguish® Professional + ProBait®)

Similar Products: Amdro® ProExtinguish® Professional hopper blend

Application Rate, Broadcast: 1.5 lbs. per acre

Speed of Control: relatively fast, 2 – 4 weeks

Duration of Control: 2 – 12 months, one application per year is usually sufficient, but depends on reinvasion pressure

Approximate product cost: $10 – $15 per pound or $15 – $20 per acre ($3.50 – $5.00/10,000 sq. ft.)

Best used for: Any situation where relatively fast, inexpensive control is needed

Best season for application: Any time ants are foraging for bait

Sources: Garden centers and agricultural suppliers

Toxicity: very low; may be toxic to animals if very large quantities are consumed

Agricultural Uses: Extinguish® Plus may be applied to grass forage (pastures and rangeland) for the control of fire ants in Texas and other (refer to label) southern states. Use on grass forage (pastures and rangeland) in states other than those listed is unlawful.  See Outdoor Use table on container label for application directions. Do not bale and cut treated pastures and rangelands for 7 days following application. These cutting and baling hay restrictions for pasture and rangeland do not apply when the treated pasture and rangeland is used solely to support COMPANION ANIMALS (e.g., horses, llamas, etc.). Companion animals grazed on treated areas cannot be used for food or feed. Extinguish® Plus may be used on uncultivated, agricultural, non-food crop and non-agricultural land.

Mixing with other products: Generally unnecessary because of the speed of hydramethylnon component.

General Comments: Extinguish® Plus combines the speed of hydramethylnon with the longer duration of control of an IGR product (Extinguish® Professional). It is a good product that will likely give satisfactory results with a yearly maintenance application.

Manufacturer: Wellmark®/Central Life Sciences of Central Garden & Pet

Web site: http://www.centralantcontrol.com/


This site is intended to cover only broadcast-applied fire ant control products and slow acting fipronil containing granular products.  Literally dozens of products are available as individual mound treatments. Contact your local Extension Agent or return to https://fireant.tamu.edu for more information on individual mound treatments.

Because of the constantly changing availability of fire ant insecticides, it is virtually impossible to include every product on the market. Mention of a product on this site does not imply an endorsement by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the Southern Region IPM Center or any cooperating state. Lack of mention does not imply that the product is not an effective fire ant control product.


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