siesta2 siesta1 altrevinAdvantages:

  • Relatively fast control
  • No known cross-tolerance
  • No metabolism of insecticide required


  • More expensive than some baits
  • May need additional application
  • Requires low-volume spreader

Active Ingredient: 0.063% metaflumizone

Similar Products: None

Application Rate, Broadcast: 1.5 lbs. /acre

Speed of Control: relatively fast, 1-4 weeks

Duration of Control: two applications per year are usually needed, but may need an additional application.  The number of applications varies with reinvasion pressure

Approximate product cost: $23/acre ($5.50/10,000 sq. ft.)

Best used for: Altrevin®- For control of fire ants in citrus orchards, tree nut orchards and grape vineyards, and control of fire ants in nonbearing stone & pome fruit orchards and in nurseries containing nonbearing container- or field-grown stone and pome fruit tree stock

Siesta®- For control of fire ants in nurseries in and around container or field-grown ornamental and nonbearing nursery stock; on lawns, turf, landscaped areas, golf courses, sod farms, industrial/municipal sites, other outdoor noncrop/nongrazed areas, such as airports, roadsides cemeteries, commercial grounds, parks, school grounds, picnic grounds athletic fields and other recreational areas; on grounds surrounding poultry houses (excluding runs and ranges) or corrals and other animal holding areas; and outdoor areas around residences and residential areas, commercial and other structures, warehouses, hotels, motels, supermarkets, hospitals, and nursing homes

Best season for application: spring and fall applications

Sources: agricultural product retailers

Toxicity: extremely low

Agricultural Uses: Altrevin®-citrus orchards, tree nut orchards and grape vineyards, nonbearing stone & pome fruit orchards.  Siesta®- on grounds surrounding poultry houses (excluding runs and ranges) or corrals and other animal holding areas.

Mixing with other products: not recommended

General Comments:

Metaflumizone blocks the sodium channel of the nervous system causing “relaxed” paralysis of insect. No known cross-tolerance by insect strains resistant to carbamates, OPs, pyrethroids, or benzoylureas.  No metabolism of insecticide required for toxicity to target insects.  This compound has the ability to eliminate fire ant activity in as few as seven days.

Manufacturer: BASF

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This site is intended to cover only broadcast-applied fire ant control products and slow acting fipronil containing granular products.. Literally dozens of products are available as individual mound treatments. Contact your local Extension Agent or return to for more information on individual mound treatments.

Because of the constantly changing availability of fire ant insecticides, it is virtually impossible to include every product on the market. Mention of a product on this site does not imply an endorsement by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the Southern Region IPM Center or any cooperating state. Lack of mention does not imply that the product is not an effective fire ant control product.

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